NEFTA W/L 2 Redfearns 2017

Karl knocking them all over.


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It was never going to be easy at Redfearns, Saturday was a complete waste of time down at the club and we had more of the same predicted on Sunday. I think I’m a bit bored of Redfearns, simply because like Tawd you know what you are going to get before you get there. Same firing line and long course regardless of the weather. Maybe I’m just a miserable git but if I’d got that amount of woods in my hands you wouldn’t be shooting the same firing line for 4yrs.

Redfearns 2

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I spent about 10 minutes on the plinker, 20mm at 25yds, 60mm at 45yds and 100mm+ at 55yds, this wasn’t going to be easy and you’d still get the odd one going straight. The Met said 20mph with 40mph gusting and having walked the course to take some photo’s that wasn’t a course that had taken any notice of that forecast. The buzz around the course was that it had “been brought in”, I’m not sure what from but I’d guess the target average distance was about 47yds.

I really started as I meant to go on, hitting 9 and 3 O’Clock before missing 2 plates completely, I watched on sail past the right-hand side by 150mm and I was off the plate on the right, even with the mag right down it felt a bit like potluck and for the first time in Field Target I think I just gave up. That’s a lesson to myself really, I just couldn’t be arsed with it, I don’t know who I was more disappointed with, myself or the course. Phil was happy enough though, although not that happy, seems he under ranged a load of targets.

I’ll take my punishment and just sit in the corner for a week and play with this new Tamron 18-400mm 🙂


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