MFTA W/L 3 The Greyhound 2017

Sue Swift going for the kill.


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It’s a bit of a drive to The Greyhound and even when there’s no wind there’s always wind at The Greyhound, always.

Phil had got the Dommie back out so at least he stood a chance of getting a half decent score, well that’s what I thought.

We got down there in good time and went for a bacon, not normal practice but I decided to leave my snap in the fridge for some unknown reason. Bobby gave me an early ear bashing for what I said about the course at Harriers but here’s the thing, I travel and shoot 50 weeks a year, often twice a week so I think I’m more than qualified as an average shooter to make a call on any course. My thing is this, if I can call your course before I even get there then you are doing it wrong!

Anyway, the sun was low in the sky and as bright as any kid on University Challenge, so much so it made taking photographs a bit of a task. Loads of people were having a good moan in the field section because they couldn’t actually see the targets. I watched 4 people quit but soon found Gilly who was still clear at the point. The course did look like a long one again and was probably only 10 targets short of being a hard GP course. I sent Phil to the plinker, last time he was here he was 2” low and 4” to the left on his zero and only scored 14!

Harriers 2

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Lane 5 with Nathan Reeve, excellent. Nathan has been shooting really well and I always seem to step up when shooting with someone who is much better than myself. First one went but the second one at 51yds only just clipped the plate on the left-hand side, I gave it 60mm but that clearly wasn’t enough. Nathan missed it low left so hey I was in good company, but it didn’t look like there was actually that much out there. Next up another 47yder and the golden bunny, much to my surprise Nathan missed the bunny but I slotted both and went on a bit of a run and for a while I was in front and then I hit the field, missed both the standers, I was steady on both but not brave enough I’m afraid. I did OK in the field but it started to OXO the hell out of me, so frustrating after getting the difficult part over with.


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I came away with a 26 that should have been a 30 but on a day like that and on a course that long I’ll take it. Phil had a chuffing disaster again, 15, OK it was pretty tough going but he’s much better than that. Wayne grassed him up though, he was back to rushing both shots again. On a day like that you just can’t do that, I pretty much used all my time when I need to because waiting for the drop really helped and in some cases I waited for it to get worse because at least then I knew what to do.


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