Field Target: It Grinds My Gears #7

Field Target - It Grinds My Gears

Let’s talk about the Worlds for a minute. Now, I’ve shot two of them and enjoyed both but they are not without problems. The problem I want to talk about is Sessions. Both Worlds I’ve shot have had sessions (AM/PM) and both times people have moaned about them. Having shot Wales I can now understand why, not seeing the shoot offs, being told to hurry up so “we” can party and having the worst weather kinda makes you feel like a second-class citizen.

But that could have easily been fixed by letting us shoot at least one AM session, that’s it, I would have been happy with that simply because of the weather. I can understand that two sessions isn’t ideal but let’s face it I’m never going to win it and I go for the personal challenge, fun and social side.

So, why do I still support two sessions? Simple, it’s the only way I’ll ever get to shoot those courses and probably, more importantly, it’s the only way these events can continue. The cost of putting on an event the size of the Worlds is easily into 3 figures these days and finding a venue that holds 500 people for a meal just doesn’t come cheap either, so rather than take my ball in, I’d happily go on the “loser sessions” than not get a chance to shoot at all.

Wales didn’t do that much wrong but putting all the people “likely” to win all the AM sessions did have a psychological effect, it kinda made it crystal clear that my partner and I where just making up the numbers and that’s not a good vibe. I’d like to see two sessions, everyone mixed up and some session swapping on one day and that dear reader would keep me happy.

Wales did a fantastic job and considering it was all done by volunteers is amazing really but I think we’ve now reached the tipping point!