Field Target: It Grinds My Gears #8

Field Target - It Grinds My Gears

So, I was sat talking to a couple of AA Grade shooters about course difficulty on Sunday and how in my view there should be something for everyone as AA shooters only make up 24% (10% if NEFTA) of the audience. Their reply was this: “It’s the same for everyone and the courses should be all rock hard, if a C grader gets 8 then that’s what all the other C graders will get”.

Got to say I fucking hate the trotted out old adage of “It’s the same for everyone” because Dr Fucking Spock it isn’t.

If it was you vs the course plus weather then maybe but the ruler we are all measured by is the top score of the day is 98.80% of the time is delivered by an AA grade Shooter! Most AA grade shooters don’t make ranging mistakes, that’s why they are in AA and disciplines don’t cause them too many problems either, the only thing that catches them out is the weather, not distance.

All courses are subjective and we all know there can be no master plan to fit all sizes but I’ll bet £10 you can all name a course this year that has been stupidly long for the weather conditions, hell I can name one now and I haven’t even shot it yet!

Here’s a formula I ripped out of Conor’s rather excellent Course Design Guide:
14% @ 9.1-28m (10-30yrds)
16% @ 29m-35m (31-39yrds)
26% @ 36-44m (40-49yrds)
24% @ 45-50m (50-55yrds)
20% @ Discipline (Kneeling & Standing)

That seems to be a good starting position for me because right now we have nothing for anyone to work with and until we do the problem will still exist and the trotted out lines will still mean nothing and the “I’m All Alright Jack” attitude is no good for the sport.

PS: No, I don’t want easy course either but don’t come moaning to me when people stop showing up to your pointless growlers, we’ve seen it all before and you’re the worst party planner ever!