MFTA W/L 6 Dowry Hill 2017

Phil's Field Target Card


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Airguns are a simple bit of kit, so why are they such a pain in the ass?

I got the gun out of the bag for Dowry Hill and it was empty again. Not the start I wanted but figured or rather hoped the leak would be slow enough that I would get around without a fill. Plinker confused matters even further, power up but dropping a full number at 50yds and 20yds, OK, I don’t know why that’s happening but I figured I could live with that, maybe the Nikko in the cold but honestly, who knows, not me for a start.

Dowry 2

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I’d walked the course and it looked excellent for the weather, I figured I could do a high 30 for sure. Back to the plinker, gun much the same and same on the Combro.

Lane 3, no string left on target 1, came in close to the top so I added a full number and it just went down inside left, gave it too much, duly noted. Target 2 and 3 did the same but then it went tits, everything low, added more, a few went but I dropping out of the bottom of most. So, more clicks added and top of the target but something was still wrong. Popped it over the chrono and got 769 and then 788, not great but nor were the conditions the chrono was in. Dropped the gun back on the bottle, 80bar after 20 shots – there’s the answer.

Phil beat Gilly

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Phil, on the other hand, was warned on the way down, range 4 times or you are walking home! He took that advice and absolutely stormed the course, it should have been a 36 but he rushed the close kneeler. Even if my gun had been working I think he would have pumped me. Great to see him smiling all the way home for once.

Happy birthday Gilly

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