NEFTA W/L 9 Keighley 2018

Phil The Kill taking a stander.


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Friday did not go well for me at Castle, my score was OK for the weather but just couldn’t get comfortable at all on my bum bag nor did the rifle feel like mine. It was a very disconcerting feeling but I’m not sure what I expected after only shooting once in 4 weeks. It does back up my theory for myself that I do need to put the hours in, something I need to get back into and something I need to make a plan for.

Saturday was pretty much a waste of time, 20mm at 30yds at Anston so I just checked the zero and chatted with the lads, I could have used a couple of rounds around the course but the wind and rain said to stay in the shed.

Early start for Keighley, it’s one hell of a drive and it’s not the distance it’s the convoluted route you need to take. That also didn’t start well either, the cable to the TomTom snapped in the unit with zero charge, OK let’s try the iPhone and Google Maps. 9% charge on the phone so the question was could we charge and still get there? We decided to gamble and see if we could get enough charge in while taking directions. Having no holder for the iPhone didn’t help as it kept falling flat on its arse on the dash. It was annoying the hell out of me but I wanted to shoot and if we could get past Meadowhell we’d make it to Keighley and if not it was Castle.

We got there in one piece just in time for the AM session kicking off, I got the gun out and went to get some pictures and pike the course out. The course looked like very physical, plenty of up and downhill shots with a couple of lanes of targets completely exposed. Keighley is up a gradual slope where you are either shooting down into a bowl of doom, across the bowl or up a very steep hill. This makes every target individual, nothing you’ve learned is transferable from one target to the next.

I started on lane 6 which meant I was finished on a pair of standers, Phil was one lane down on them, he got both of them, bugger! I stayed on the inside for a 45yder and it just sneaked in. The next target was downhill and at 90 degrees to the wind, I gave it a 10mm but it wasn’t enough, 10mm out at 2 O’Clock – was that me or the wind?

The next lane was designed by Satan himself, 15mm at 16yds and a 25mm at 35yds, 16mm went but I missed the 35yd by a pellet on the right after giving it 20mm. Man, this wind was trick to read and I could see Phil was doing OK so I focused and started to pull a few double string “magics” in. Shooting down the hill was tough going, you could feel the wind but it looked like the targets were taking nothing, I knew this was a lie, didn’t stop me missing a couple.

Phil had a crafty smile on his face as we reached the last lane, I hadn’t been looking at my scorecard but I knew I needed both these standers for the win. First one went but it was the second one I needed. I needed it so bad that I had to reset twice for it, BOOM it went down and Phil wasn’t smiling anymore. Phil if you’re reading this 2 all buddy!


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