Paul James British Recoiling Championship 2018

Feels odd writing a report for a course I haven’t shot but I really wanted to try and capture the day with the camera because it’s the first time I shot pictures in the snow, I really wanted to get to know the camera a bit more.

The two-week run-up to PJBRC is always hard work because there’s a lot of people involved, it may be exhausting but it’s also very rewarding. If anything it taught me to deeply respect anyone that puts the work in. The weather wasn’t with us this year and that wasn’t doing my nerves any good at all, it was making me very nervous but we decided to make the call at the last available minute. I certainly didn’t want to put people at risk but I was also wondering where we’d fit the competition in. I’d also got the problem that several of the prizes were stuck in the mail system somewhere.

The call was made, game on. I organised as much as I could on Friday and went to the pub, I really did need a drink! Saturday was spent helping Coop with the course, there may have been snow on the ground but it was actually a tad on the warm side. Everything went really well and all we could do was hope that the skies didn’t open up again. I crossed everything and headed home.

I’d like to take a minute to thank all our sponsors, they all enable us to raise more money for our charity, The Prince Of Wales Hospice, please give them a click and show them some support with your future purchases: Hull Cartridge, Weihrauch Sport, Solware, JSB, BFTA, Air-Arms, Optics Warehouse, Napier, Doncaster Airgun Range, PoP, RangeSports, South Yorkshire Airguns and CompAir.

Paul James British Recoiling Championship always amaze me, every year. Not only is it a return to where the sport started but it’s also the largest collection of springer shooters in the World, amazing when you think about it with all the amazing advances and people hunger for the latest thing. I didn’t have to wait long at Anston before people started to show up, within 30 minutes we had a couple of full sheds of people with their springs. It’s always a really good mix of people as well, FT/HFT/SFT, people shooting for the cups and people just here for a fun day of shooting. It’s so rewarding as an organiser watching this unfold.

It was long before the first session was off and there was a couple of people on this session that I thought could take the win. John Amos, Brian Samson, Nick Murphy, Neil Thorneycroft and John Farbrother are all capable of putting great scores in. I placed my bet on John Farbrother this year, he’s been shooting really well so I resisted my usual bet on John Amos!

It’s also a mixed bag at PJBRC and I wouldn’t have it another way, people doing really well or people only just missing, springers are hard to master and you need the discipline and patience of a saint but it’s so rewarding when something goes. The first session had very little wind except for the bottom left-hand corner that was coming of the field but the course was still tricky enough without being stupidly difficult. Two of the best scores I’ve seen at PJBRC, John Amos with a mega and record-breaking 38 and Phil Hollis with a score that would have normally won, with a 37. John missed target 17, the long squirrel on the corner and the long diamond just before the mound. Phil missed target 15, a billy goat up the tree, he also missed 17 and finally target 36, a small bird reducer on lane 18. That was some World class shooting from both of them and was going to take some beating by the second session.

The fog was rolling in for the second session which would add another layer of difficulty, that said the second session had some great shooters on it if anyone could do then my money was on Steve Privett and Simon Ayers. I wasn’t far wrong with that bet, both of them put in the highest scores on the PM session. Daniel Gordon and Steve Whiting where also doing the business for the HFT side, while Andy and Coop Dawg seemed blissfully unaware that they where both in the lead!

We raised a total of £2,567.94 on the day, making our total £15,443.94 in total for The Prince Of Wales Hospice in Pontefract. Well done everyone, we should all be proud of this.