NEFTA W/L 11 York 2018


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You couldn’t have asked for a more different day from last Sunday, sunny, 12 degrees and 8-10mph wind, it was like a completely different continent from Anston. I was looking forward to it, York isn’t somewhere I shoot often so I always look forward to any event up there.

The score between myself and Phil was 3 all, I planned on pumping him. I spent most of Saturday checking the gun and doing groups. She was going a little high so I turned down the FPS and checked all the ranges against my click chart and tested all the ranges before I knew it was 3 pm and time to head home for a spot of babysitting.

Gun out and to temperature, before I set off to look at the course, it kinda felt like we’d arrived on the wrong day it was so quiet.

The course looked long and the wind felt as sneaky as hell, it was switching off the two fields. One minute it was coming at you and slightly to the right and the next minute it would drop and then go the opposite way.

The course looked relentless, it’s not that the length wasn’t right for the weather, more that there wasn’t a single break in the punishment. I’m not a fan of these types of course, you need to program in a break. Banging everything out between 47-55yds doesn’t catch out the top boys. the wind might but the length won’t, so a couple of cleverly placed targets a bit closer that put people at ease are not only welcome but more likely to catch people out in my humble opinion. Having said that I’m also glad my score from last week at Anston didn’t count because that course was even tougher.

The sun was now breaking through the pine trees and made for some great lighting conditions for my pictures but it was time to drop on the plinker and double check everything. Phil was already there so I picked a spot on the 55yd and we started grouping, after 40 pellets in a small group I kinda figured I could be using my luck up as a Paint Chipper and I put the gun away.

Lane 5, 15mm and 47yd rat to start with, pulled the reducer and missed the rat by a kill, I’d come out 20mm as well. There didn’t feel like there was that much wind at all. I missed the long kneeler next but got the short one, Christ two lanes in and 3 down already! I had a word with myself and started to dig in because this was no way to start a new grades season at all.

I had a word with myself and got stick right in, checking everything ranged at least 4 times and either waiting for the wind to drop or pick up so I knew where to go. The next 16 targets went down. I tried not to focus on Phil who was two lanes behind and just on the next target. It worked, for once I managed to stay focused and not let my mind wander from the job at hand. I missed two standers and 3 long targets that took way more wind that I would have ever given, in fact, I think I’d do the same again on 2 of those long ones. So, I held a 22 after a shocking start but I wasn’t happy with the start at all and I should have had the first two targets but I’ll settle for 22 for the NEFTA season I’ve had.

I went to find Phil to see who’d won, he was on the plinker drilling pellets down the range. For some reason only he can work out he’d decided to change his pellets just before the start, thus backing up my long-held theory that he never listens to anything.

I pumped him for the win.

Pumped Him

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