Field Target: It Grinds My Gears #9

Field Target - It Grinds My Gears

Is Field Target all about the elite? The top 14-16%? If that’s what we are about then why not just put all their names into a hat and draw them at random so we can all go off for a carvery with the family instead of driving 150 miles to sit in a field in the chuffing rain?

If you’re in A to C grade there aren’t that many competitions you can do that reward or even acknowledge your progress or support. The BFTA only has one series you can do and even then you have to do 6 competitions and score 41 in C grade to win. What a mess this year that was.

Isn’t it about time that we acknowledged the Paint Chippers and did a few competitions graded instead of winner takes all open style competitions?

Because let’s face it, without us you wouldn’t have anything to go to and the outcome of all of the open style competitions is always the same, 4-5 way shoot offs, why bother with the competition, let’s go straight to that and get off home!

And no, I don’t want a medal for turning up nor do I not want to recognise the brilliance of our top shooters but come on…