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All the latest photographs from Field Target around the UK.

Worlds Shooting Day 2

Here are my pictures from day two.

Worlds Day 1 Shooting 2017

Here are my pictures from the first session on the Worlds 2017.

Worlds 2017 Practice Day 2

Want to see 100 pictures from the last day of practice? Course you do!

BFTA Euros Winners 2017

Here are all the winners from The BFTA Euros 2017.

BFTA Euros 2017

Here are some pictures from the BFTA Euros 2017, I don't have time to do a full edit so there may be a couple...

BFTA Masters & Showdown 2017

I didn't have much time at the weekend to take pictures but here are a select few from the weekend.

BFTA GP8 Emley Moor 2017

Here are some pictures from the final GP at Emley Moor.

BFTA GP7 Sywell 2017

I didn't take that many pictures due to the sheer volume of liquid I drank the night before but here are a few pictures...

BFTA GP6 Castle 2017

Great course that almost broke me, here are my pictures from the day.

BFTA Grand Prix 5: Iceni 2017

Better day for me and mega day for Phil, here's a few snaps of the day.