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All the latest photographs from Field Target around the UK.

BFTA GP2 Bisley 2016 By Colin

Some great pictures from Colin Eaton

BFTA GP3 Tawd Vale 2016 By James

Pictures from Tawd Vale By James Osbourne

BFTA GP7 Anston 2016 By Russ

Some brilliant pictures from Anston top clicker Russ, they don't capture the wind but they do capture the spirit of the day.

Paul James British Recoiling Championship 2016

Pictures of a great day by Russ Hardy.

All Your BFTA GP7 & Series Winners

Here're all the winners, sorry some of the pictures are a bit rubbish but my camera is about to give up the ghost, click...

BFTA GP3 Tawd Vale 2016 By Martin

Few snaps from me on a tricky but great day.

Harriers MFTA Summer League 2015

The day looked so promising but I fell apart on the standers and it started raining as well.

26th NEFTA Classic

Two days of full on FT, this is perhaps this most difficult and enjoyable competition on the circuit.