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All the results that count in Field Target in the UK.

Midlands Bench Rest Winter League R5

My highest score in bench rest, a cracking week indeed.

Midlands Bench Rest Winter League R4

The results from Round 4 of The Midlands Bench Rest Winter League.

Results Midlands Bench Rest League – Winter 2017 Round 3

Results from Round 3 of the Midlands Bench Rest Competition.

GP Grade Chat 7

AA Grade A lot of people are saying it's close but Jack's won this and my £5 is as safe as houses, it looks like...

Shooter And Team Talk 7

Look at that, the Fantastic 5 slip one position to Meister Men A, there may be only 1 point in it but it's enough...

PoP Mixed Bench Rest

Our mixed BR competition that we are testing down at Anston.

Results Midlands Bench Rest League – Summer 2017 Round 8

We're getting smashed now, after leading for so long the lack of proper equipment, using FT guns and shooting the targets vertically is starting to show.

GP Grade Chat 6

Great to see Baby Keith make it to the top of the pile and shoot off against Neil, it's a shame Jack doesn't do...

Shooter And Team Talk 6

Another week of no change in League 1 but the Fantastic 5 are catching up with Rowan, couple more good GPs and they could...