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If it’s not Phil and I chatting then it’s the latest field target videos from around the world.

TwangCam: GP6 East Devon 2018

Looking at the targets in "Das Furnace" brings no pleasure at all, great day and cracking course.

TwangCam GP5 Bisley

Watch Steve work his magic while you remember all the hits and misses!

The BFTA Grand Prix Series 2018: Bisley

Video from Colin at Bisley.

TwangCam: GP4 Nelson2018

You've got to love Twangcam, it's a great record of all the targets I've missed. :)

TwangCam: GP3 Rivington 2018

More like WindCam or WhereDidThatGoCam, why not relive all your misses with Steve!

BFTA GP3: Rivington 2018

Listen to that wind...

TwangCam: GP2 Springfield 2018

TwangCam is back for GP2, nice work Steve.

The BFTA Grand Prix Series 2018: Springfield

A brilliant day down at Springfield, SEFTA did us proud. Andy captured the morning season for us again.

TwangCam: GP1 Redfearns 2018

TwangCam is back, our World is complete.

Grand Prix 1: Redfearns By British Field Target

Great to see BFT back on the circuit again, another great video of the day.