After East Devon, thoughts and vibes.

1 Justin Wood 49
2 Jack Harris 48
3 James Osborne 48
Amazing shooting from Justin but it wasn’t enough to stop Jack Harris ensuring he lifts the title again, I wish my lowest score to be dropped was a 91%! O Jacky Boy top pumping! James also did well with a 48 but it looks like the battle for second place is between Ian and Justin at Anston, good luck lads. That would make a great shoot off at the end wouldn’t it!


1 Andy Williams 46
2 Ian Stoddart 45
3 David Mitchell 45
Cracking score for Andy from SWEFTA but it looks like Dave “Maddog” Mitchell has done enough to lift the A Grade title. Ian’s given him a proper run for his money though. It also looks like young James Head is going to take 3rd place if he can keep Jonathan and Robbo at bay.


1 Joshua Vaughan 46
2 Graham Fleeman 43
3 Paul Maher 42
Mega shooting from Josh and that score seals his place at the top of B Grade, well done and brilliant shooting all season young man. Fleabag hits a PB with 43, he was absolutely buzzing afterwards, welcome back mate. Great score from Paul as well, if he’d done a few more GP’s he would have been in the medals for sure.


1 Mark Rodgers 39
2 Darren Hillier 39
3 Paul Gallagher 39
What an amazing set of results from our C Graders, 3 X 39, that would have been a brilliant shoot off to watch if they hadn’t all gone home! It’s all to play for going into the final GP between Mark and Darren.


1 Ian Challis 47
2 Tony Fouracres 44
3 Barry McGraw 43
Ian puts in another mega score to take the title but there’s only 4 targets between Tony and Barry so second place is still up for grabs.


1 Brian Samson 43
2 Philip Hollis 41
3 Stephen Privett 38
Big up Bri Samson for only dropping 7 on a course like that with a boinger, that win gives him a tidy lead over Stephen but anything could happen at Anston. Another tidy score from Phil as well, one more like that and he’ll be in the medals.

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