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The latest news about field target competitions and essential equipment used by competitors

Would you pay?

Simply poll to ask if you pay in advance for events if you could?

PoP Competition Two

Hello and welcome to the second competition on PoP. To win all you have to do to win is sign up for the newsletter and I’ll pick a random subscriber. If you are already signed up then you already in.

Field Target Postcodes

All the postcodes to all the clubs you'll need, bookmark and never get lost again. The complete guide to field target clubs.

NEFTA W/L 11 York 2018

Morning A post shared by PelletOnPellet (@pelletonpellet) on Mar 24, 2018 at 11:48pm PDT You couldn’t have asked for...

Buy Your Paint Chipper Badge

You asked for it and now it can be it's happening. You can order your own Paint Chipper Badge and have it delivered anywhere in the World. Don't blame us for the postage Comrades, the system is against us on this.

PoP Merchandise

I'm always getting asked about doing T-Shirts and Hoodies for the stuff you see here so I've finally set up a little store where you can order them and they will be shipped out automatically.

PoP Competition One

Every month we'll be having a competition for all our readers, all you have to do is join the mailing list and we'll select a winner.

NEFTA W/L 10 Pontefract 2018

I like Ponty but it clearly hates me, the Bowl Of Doom does me every single time I turn up. Reading the wind is...

Paul James British Recoiling Championship 2018

Feels odd writing a report for a course I haven’t shot but I really wanted to try and capture the day with the camera...

PJBRC 2018 Winning Card: John Amos

Every year someone always pushes it closer to a clear at PJBRC, the course is always set to the incoming weather and always balanced...