About Us

Hi, my name is Martin and I’m addicted to Field Target.

I started my little magazine to try and help get a bit more coverage for Field Target with text and some pictures presented in a professional style. While I’m not the best writer or photographer I thought I’d use the process to try and get better while enjoying myself on the shoots I visit.

This website came about because often I don’t have time to write big pieces and wanted something I could just dash off 500 words, so having something online is ideal for me. The plan is to expand slowly and bring more people in from different regions and countries but that feels a way off at the moment.

Any money I make of the adverts on the website will be spent on buying a new camera that actually has the ability to focus, unlike my little happy snapper, it really is rubbish. So if you want me to take some better quality pictures you best get clicking on the Ads! If you want to advertise here use the Contact Form and we’ll see what we can work out.

If you want to help just get in touch via the Contact Form.