Thurlaston MFTA Summer League Review

Thurlaston is a brand new club to the FT circuit so I was pretty keen to check it out, it’s always good for the sport when new clubs join the scene plus somewhere different to shoot is always welcome in my book.

Phil was buzzing when he got in the car, he’d just bought another Steyr, I’m not sure what for but when I inquired he simply said “back-up” must be sweet to have 7 guns for back-up I thought and on that I turned the music up and headed down the M1.

Dave loves his cake.
Dave loves his cake.

The club itself is in amazing grounds, all that was missing was the big house at the top of the drive to match the beautiful vista. Great clubhouse with bacon butties, drinks and choccy cake, all looked great but I thought it wise to wait until I’d finished before indulging.

Onto the plinker to check to the gun, sweet as little plinker shed with a concrete floor and a working door, very posh! Good to see it packed out with the MFTA crew.

Cracking little club with a beautiful vista

Packed out plinker

Zero fine, 35yds fine, 55yds – anywhere between nothing and a kill and half, this was going to be interesting, gulp!

The course was set out in the open with a small wooded area in the middle, it looked pretty long as well but it was very different from any other club I’ve shot so that’s a real plus and guarantees I’ll make the effort to attend future events.

This was going to be tough though, there was no doubt about that because a quick check on a couple of target strings revealed the wind was switching as well. This was going to be very tricky indeed and I figured I’d need to be checking every single string before each shot. The string was a little lighter than the standard orange stuff so I figured it would be exaggerating the wind possibly.

Wayne after he'd seen his score card.
Wayne after he’d seen his score card.

Dropped on Lane 18 with my old mucker Dave Killen and first-time shooter Robin with his boinger, a couple of gimmies to start with but the second target revealed the problem I mentioned earlier. I used Dave’s hit on the paddle as the aim point, the wind on the windicator was going left to right but my strike went a pellet to the left of Dave’s hit! Nice long one next, that went with no problems but the 35yd reducer was sat there mocking me with a very visible “no one has missed me yet” look on its paint job. The wind left to right so I elect for the left man edge, dink, 10mm left!

And from there on in it was a string of errors and wrong edges to bust my grades coupon, it was hard work trying to figure out what was happening at the target and I definitely over cooked a couple of them but that’s FT for you. Not a brilliant score for the work I put in but you know what I’ll take it.

Thurlaston is a BRILLIANT little club with loads of promise in beautiful grounds

Thurlaston is a brilliant little club with loads of promise in beautiful grounds with a great club house and plinker, I’ll be coming back for more punishment for sure. If you get a chance to visit I highly recommend it.

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