Castle Portcullis Report

I think I mentioned last week how much I love the 2 x 30 targets format but I’m hoping this week it would be kinder to me. The journey didn’t start well, major roads blocked off and two pigeons decide to end their lives by ploughing into the windscreen full pelt. I turned Joy Division’s album Closer off and picked Phil up. He was back on the Steyr this week, I do wish he’d stick to one gun but that’s up to him.

The sun was out at Castle and a great chance to try and learn a few things about my camera after I’d checked the gun. She was bang on but I’d be back later just to make sure, you’ve got to check at least twice. Manage a few good shots with the camera but I knew it was going to take me a long time to master all the settings but I didn’t want to distract myself too much. Sue gave me a bag to use at shoot which fitted perfectly, thanks Sue, very kind of you to help out.

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Jesus, lane 15 on the Red Course, I knew that was going to be a walk from shooting here two weeks ago. I teamed up with Glenn and got myself focussed because I needed a couple of good scores as this event was being graded. Castle is a strange place, you can walk the course and think it looks really easy! That’s until you sit down and factor the wind in, it’s as sneaky as hell at Castle. The wind blows off the two fields at each side of the woods and goes in some odd directions.

I pumped the first two targets and then the long walk back to lane 1, target 1 was a long one although it didn’t look like it was taking much I knew it would be, I came out a full kill and it whipped me over another half kill, sneaky! I held my own though and only failed on the standers, the rest was due to the wind, height was right though 🙂 Plus I’d put in a PB for a 30 target course, so I was chuffed but knew I could do better.

Red Course Score Card

Red Course #pelletonpellet #fieldtarget

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A small break for dinner, more pictures and the famous Ginsters slice. A few people had put 2’s in but the best I’d heard in B Grade was a 4, time for this bandit to dig further in. Another couple of long walks but I nailed the first two again, magic, I was feeling good on the gun and enjoying myself. Missed target two low at 7 O’clock, which surprised me a little but with fewer standers on this course I felt I could improve on a 24, but it wasn’t to be. I ‘d shot well and only errors I made where the wind and my crappy standers.

I watched the shoot offs before getting the camera ready to take some shots of the winners, I didn’t think I’d done enough to win anything. You can tell from the video below that I didn’t think I stood a chance!

Blue Course Score Card

Blue Course #pelletonpellet #fieldtarget

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Mark Chuffed With His Win
Mark Chuffed With His Win
Paul and Mark from Anston came in 3rd and 2nd in C grade with Darren lifting the title, no surprise there really but they gave him a good run for his money, well-done lads.

As I wasn’t in a shoot off for B Grade I didn’t think I stood any chance but much to my surprise I took 1st place, mega. No-one was more surprised or chuffed than me, what a fantastic end to a brilliant day. Ian Taylor had smashed the AA Grade with a clear on the last course for the win, Neil had picked up 2nd place. Young Dylan took 3rd in A Grade, I’d done B Grade plus Mark and Paul had taken the bottom end of C Grade, a good day for the NEFTA lads!

Castle had put on a great full days worth of shooting, excellent courses and very well run, so well done to everyone at Castle for all the effort and thanks to Sam and Deb for doing the signing in and stats. They also had the best turn out they’ve ever had for a Portcullis which was just a perfect stat to end the day.

I drove home buzzing and reminding Phil who’d won B Grade every five minutes just in case he forgot, we celebrated with a 2 for 1 deal at Tibshelf service on Volvic Juiced!

Nefta Bandits Are Go #pelletonpellet #fieldtarget

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