NEFTA W/L 5 Emley Moor 2017

Warren with his Zenith.


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Emley has never been a cakewalk so I always approach it with caution, the last GP there was an absolute growler of a course but they do have a couple of good course setters so I was expecting a long course with some angles thrown in for good measure, simply because the weather forecast looked pretty good for the time of year. And that’s the difference between this course and the one at Redfearns a couple of weeks ago, Emley has balanced the course for the weather and that makes all the difference.

I would have preferred a bit more wind if I’m being honest because I hate the game of edges and I know it’s panto season but I’m not really in the mood for is it, isn’t it! The temperature was also just hovering around the point that my scope decides to under range everything over 45yds. Standing lane to start, first one went but I pulled the second one, shame as I’ve been doing OK on them. Everything was going fine until the bank, a couple really whipped me over when it looked like there was nothing there and that robbed me of 4 more plus 1 more stander before hitting Lane 1, where I couldn’t see either target due to white out, dink and dink.

By the time I’d finished I was properly freezing from all the hanging around waiting for the next lane to become clear, I must have spent 40+ minutes waiting around, I always find hard to get into a groove when I’m waiting around.

I pumped him

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