NEFTA W/L 8 York 2018


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I can’t tell how good it felt to be back in the car with the gun working and the Sightron back on, I’ve really missed that feeling. I didn’t get the time I needed for all the clicks and marks but it was enough to be getting on with.

It’s a nice drive to York and we don’t get to shoot there very often but I always enjoy it, my highest score here is 21, I was looking forward to getting that again and pumping Phil.

The course looked great for the weather and it was a brand new firing line, always good to see that, York had put some real graft into cutting out the course. The weather was freezing with the sneaky wind that was gusting, there was a lot of dinking going on and the targets up the trees looked like killers to read. York had done such a good job at cutting back there was that much vegetation to actually read.

Lane 12 for an Andy Calpin Special, both targets at opposite angles, nice one! I got both and was doing well until I got halfway down the left-hand side of the course. I just could get the wind right and that old Motown classic started to play: “Too Much, Too Little, Straight Again”. It was so frustrating because I wasn’t missing by much and the chuffing height was perfect but 3 double dinks absolutely killed me and Phil pumped me again 18 to 21!

It’s not the score I wanted but I also didn’t shoot that bad just another one of those days I seem to collect.

York 3

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