PJBRC 2018 Winning Card: John Amos

Every year someone always pushes it closer to a clear at PJBRC, the course is always set to the incoming weather and always balanced I feel, perhaps a couple of reducers too many for my taste but then I’m just shooting for fun and the format is set and that’s that. The weather did put a spanner in the works, it made the last week very stressful but hey we all got through it and had a great turn out.

The only year I don’t bet on John Amos is the year that he decides to pull it out of the bag, just my luck! Not only is John a great bloke, he’s also a rock solid boinger shooter and now he’s the bloke with the highest score ever at PJBRC. He only missed 2 targets for a massive and record-breaking 38. 17 which was up a tree on the left and 33 which was the long BFTA target off the mound.

Great Shooting John and about time mate!