Off To The Worlds!

I’m sitting here wondering why such an average joe blow shooter like myself booked himself to go to the Worlds. I’ve hardly stuck to the practice regime I imagined myself doing (always the case) and my Summer League and GP scores have all been about 3-5 targets under par. Plus it’s going to be red hot and I’m shockingly sluggish in the heat, so yeah, what the hell was I thinking?

I’ll be blogging my progress when I land in Portugal, I’m sure you’ll all be on the edge of your seats to learn about my close splits and double dinks but you know what Field Target isn’t just about the top shooters, if it was only 20 people would turn up the shoots.

It’s mostly my fellow bandits that make up the numbers and while I’m chuffed if one of the NEFTA lads wins something, I’ve always had my eye on the lower grades to see what’s happening, often the competition there is a lot closer and harder fought for.

Come On You Bandits!