My Thoughts On World’s 2016

Just some of my thoughts for the World’s, impossible to mention everyone and of course it’s all on the day but here’s my thinking.

Looking at the names on the list for the World’s looks like a couple of our lads have a good chance of taking the title but we also have the holy trinity of Ian Taylor, Justin Wood and James Osbourne missing so everyone is going to have to pick up the torch and run with it to fill that talent hole.

The favourite has to be Jack Harris

The favourite has to be Jack Harris. He’s been shooting his socks off in the GP series and lifted the title with one GP to go, incredible shooting when you consider his lowest percentage is actually a 91%! Christ, I wouldn’t get that if I went round twice.

I don’t get to see much of Connor but when I do it’s always top notch shooting from him, the man is a machine at the NEFTA Classic, he’s got to be in with a chance if he shoots like he did at the Classic this year.

MFTA double banter act Gilly and Wrecker could quite easily pull off a ram raid at the top as well, both have been shooting great in the MFTA Summer League and GP’s plus Gilly has got form in this competition so you never know. Doz isn’t far behind them either, same with Ian Jerram, both excellent shooters on the day.

Andy is back on form with his new stock on his FTP and I reckon he’s hungry for it (when isn’t he? Hollow legs that lad), be sweet to see him lift the title and I think he’s got it in him to do it. I’m hoping he doesn’t bring shame to the family name. 🙂

Dark Horses
Not seen that much of Berty or Keith this season but they’ve been shooting pretty consistently from the stats and with a few more targets they could be up there. Same with Mark Stenton, he’s pretty close to being in the top ten in the UK. Si Evans could also pull it out of the bag, I know he told me he wasn’t shooting all that well but the World’s stage could bring it out of him.

Young Upstarts
Young Josh and Red have both been shooting well, Red even more so now he has his scope sorted, be great to see them both shame us all, well they’ll be shaming me anyway!

Bri seems to be working his magic with his new March scope and Steve isn’t that far behind him in the GP’s so I reckon it’s between these two for the top Boinger spot.

I think we’ll have to have a little Competition between ourselves, if you’re in B or C Grade get in touch and we’ll sort something out.