Shooting Day Three: Black Course

Day 3 didn’t start well either, I had this mad dream that I was sat on lane 1 and my gun wouldn’t stop leaking, I just kept cocking the gun to try and stop it. It disturbed me so much it woke me up, which was a good thing because we had an early start on the last day.

I was facing the Black Course today so it was going to be hard to spot where the shots were landing plus the wind was up to 15mph. Not sure what it is about Portugal but the wind never seems to go in one direction for longer than 30 seconds, this was going to be interesting.

Last Day #pelletonpellet #fieldtarget

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I greet my lane partners with a smile and firm handshake, John and Jose have been fantastic company with just the right amount of chat and encouragement, perfect.

John, Jose and I

I was right about the weather report, belting it down with cell crushing heat and the wind switching direction like some kind of sick joke. I started as I’ve started all week by promptly missing target 1, the wind was so hard to read it look like there was nothing there but there was a bucket load of it and then it went straight. I had a terrible first 5 lanes. I’m not sure if I would do anything different if I had to face them again but I carried on the best I could giving 100%.

Little Jack was one lane down from me again and I could tell he was serious as hell today, not only had he gone to bed before me, he had a face on him that clearly spelt out “don’t talk to me, I’ve got my game on”, I gave him a nod and left him to it because I had £5 on him to win. I also had my own game on with Robbo and Chubby, all 3 of us were on 71 points, €15 may not be much but I so wanted to take it off them.

I still had to fight for every target but I equalled my old PB with a 35, the wind totally had me over today but I felt OK with walking away with that score today. I also took the €15, Chubby and Robbo had both got pumped by this B Grade Bandit 🙂

Day 3 Black Course

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