Shooting Day Two: Yellow Course

If I thought day one on the White course was hard, things were about to get a lot harder. As I walked to the starting gate I wasn’t feeling too good, in fact, I was starting to feel like I was actually going to be sick. The heat and humidity were knocking me for 6 and I hadn’t even started, I went and sat in the shade and tried to pull myself together.

I was facing the Yellow course today and I consoled myself that at least I didn’t have to go first this time. I knew from yesterday that I had to dig in even deeper and give it 100%, no risks and no lapses of concentration acceptable.

I had to seriously improve on the first 30 targets to make a big difference. The wind was still difficult to read so I made sure I spent a lot of time dropping the mag and looking for clues. I also made sure I used all the time I had and only pulled the trigger when I was 100% sure. This didn’t work out 100% but I was improving on yesterday’s score but the wind was still catching me, some targets would take nothing and a couple took a kill and half.

I was still struggling a bit before I dropped on the open field, this part of the course could wipe you out with great ease, I took on loads of water and made sure everything I was doing was correct. The heat and humidity were getting worse, I’m not designed to sit in 35 degrees and 80% humidity but I was determined to do better than yesterday if it killed me. On target 39 something on my trigger didn’t feel right on the first stage, so I released it and pulled the gun up. The blade was loose and dropped off the trigger pin, normally this would have put me right off but all it did was make me more determined to get my targets, I nailed them both!

As we entered the last stretch I found a bit of final energy and only missed 2 out of 20 targets to say I was made up with a score of 39 would be an understatement, I was absolutely buzzing. A personal best on a Worlds course, I can’t find the words to tell you how that felt.

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