My Report: Day 1 Of The BFTA Euros 2016

The week leading up to the Euros had been a tough one, I lost a very close friend who was waiting for a liver transplant and to be honest I didn’t feel like doing much. However, he wouldn’t have wanted me to be feeling sorry for myself or him so I gave myself a kick up the arse and set out to do my best.

I picked Phil up, who’d decided to change guns again and headed south, we found the hotel after a few postcode problems and went for an Italian with the rest of The Anston Massive, it helped take my mind off things and settle in for the early start in the morning.

Managed to find the correct entrance for once and helped out before the shoot started, I really didn’t fancy looking at the course as I knew it would be rock hard as the Euros is always the best of the best. That said I would encourage any of the lower Grades to get involved because if you can’t afford to go to the Worlds this comp is the closest you’ll get.

Before the competition started I fancied Doz to win, he’s been in fine form of late and I reckoned he could do it. The weather looked sunny with a 14-20mph wind, well at least you’d know what it was doing. Day 1 the lower grades usually go on second so that gave me plenty of time to check the gun, take some photo’s and say hello to a few people.

Day 1, Fresh Start #fieldtarget #pelletonpellet

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Lane 15, time to dig in and see if I could better last year’s score (31). While there was a bit of wind it was easy to read and I started in fine form, I’d only missed 3 before I headed out to the field section and that’s where I left my wheels. I had a proper Motown Experience: Too Much, Too Little, Dink Dink! (to be sung in the style of The Supremes). Oh well not a bad start.

Finished on 33

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Night, Night then and see you tomorrow.

Nite nite #pelletonpellet #fieldtarget

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