Day Two: Plinking

A bit of a welcome colder start to the day with a few spits of rain, I was made up when I looked out the window, this was just what I needed. Did the final checks on the gun and all was good, you can’t beat that feeling when you know the only thing at fault is you.

Spent some time banging some groups out and then shooting a 25mm spinner at 55yds, hit it on the second shot! Rather than use all my luck up I moved a bit closer and checked all the short ranges. Still all good.

Walked the course’s against my own advice, it really didn’t look that bad because we’ve had some great GP’s this year that have all been about trigger work rather than distance and the three courses look like a GP+1 to me.

Not been taking many photo’s as I want to focus on tomorrow, wish me luck.

Day Two: Plinking

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